Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for July 26

People v. Loris
Colleen Loris sold methamphetamine to a group of three people. She was given a gun as part of the payment for the drugs.

All four of the people were smoking the meth as well as drinking in a hotel room. During that, the gun went off in Loris’ hand and killed one of the other people in the room.

She pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute, manslaughter, and four habitual criminal counts. The habitual criminal sentence multiplier added up to concurrent sentences of 32 years for possession with intent to distribute and 32 years for manslaughter.

Loris, arguing that the district court lacked authority to sentence her under the habitual criminal statute, appealed the case. The court concluded that the district court had authority to sentence Loris with the statute, and the sentence was affirmed.

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