Legal Lasso: State Sued Over Treatment of Mentally Ill Inmates

The Colorado Supreme Court has some obvious differences from the U.S. Supreme Court, and Chief Justice Nancy Rice and former Gov. Bill Ritter go into their thoughts about why in in the latest episode of Law Week Colorado’s Hearsay podcast.



State Sued Over Treatment of Mentally Ill Inmates
Disability Law Colorado is reopening litigation with state officials for allegedly violating a court order that guarantees mentally ill people facing criminal charges receive treatment within about a month.

Ski Trial Continues
A court in Eagle is hearing testimony on a case involving an inbound avalanche that killed a skier at a Vail resort. Testimony questions how frequently skiers hiked up a trail to access a ski run and whether the resort knew about it.

Oil and Gas Ballot Measure Could Lead to Compensation
A ballot measure with new setbacks for oil and gas wells could allow mineral rights owners to file compensation claims for drilling that infringes upon those rights.

Denver Boots Scooters
Have you noticed a sudden lack of scooters that also suddenly appeared recently? The City of Denver began confiscating scooters and fining the operating companies for leaving them parked in the public right of way.

Denver on the International Stage
First the Olympics, next the World Cup? Denver might be in the running to host the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in a North American city.



Journalist Moves Forward With Kill List Claims
A federal judge advanced a lawsuit Wednesday from an American journalist based in Syria who questioned his due process rights over his inclusion on a U.S. government kill list.

Apple Tightening Security
Apple closed up security on iPhone devices by shutting the back door law enforcement has used in the past to access users’ information.

Lawsuit Not Responsible for Paralegal’s Drinking Death
A Florida appeals court ruled that a law firm that had an on-site bar isn’t liable for the death of an intoxicated paralegal because her death happened outside the scope of her employment.

Politics at the Polling Place
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Minnesota’s broad ban on political apparel and accessories at polling places violates the First Amendment. The court said the state did not draw a clear enough line in what is “political.”

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