Legal Lasso: Denver Joins Opioid Lawsuit

by Tony Flesor



The War on Drugs
Denver is joining the legal fight against opioid makers — the coalition of counties and cities suing drugmakers is now up to 13. Denver will take the lead on the lawsuit.

Not Over Yet
Although the Masterpiece Cakeshop case received a narrow ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, justices said “some future controversy involving facts similar to these.” Several cases might pick up where that case left off.

Over Before it Began
The man behind Initiative 66 — designed to stunt Colorado’s growth — said he gave up on the initiative. He said it would have been impossible to collect the required 98,000 signatures in order to get the initiative on the ballot.

Business Booming in Colorado
And that growth in Colorado is also the focus of a New York Times article on the fracking boom and the population boom in the state.

Denver Police Officer Disciplined for Misconduct
A Denver Police Department officer who previously has been suspended for paying a prostitute has been disciplined for dating a sexual assault victim he met while on duty. He did keep his job, though.



Red Queen Effect in Associate Pay
BigLaw firms are once again competing over associate pay. A few firms are now offering new associates $190,000, following the lead of Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy.

The Justice Gap
Law schools are creating a “justice gap” for students of color: On average, minority students end up in lower-ranked law schools, which they pay more to attend than white students, resulting in higher debt burdens.

Top Aides Bail on Pruitt
A top aide to EPA head Scott Pruitt resigned shortly after giving congressional testimony in his federal probe. Not long after, Pruitt’s senior counsel resigned as well.

Internet-based Assault
A federal judge in Maryland found that sending a tweet with a flashing gif in it that is intended to trigger an epileptic seizure can qualify as battery.

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