IAALS Focuses on Summary Judgment

by Tony Flesor

For years, courts have targeted discovery as a pain point for the cost and efficiency of courts. But with a new report, the focus is shifting to summary judgment.

The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System on May 31 published a report that examines the effects of summary judgment on the cost, duration and overall effect on access to justice. The report is the next step in IAALS’ efforts to streamline the court system, and depending on recommendations that come from the organization this fall, it could be the next focus for judges’ case management efforts.

“I’d say the focus primarily for civil justice reform over the past 10 years has been on discovery reform — the cost and delay that litigants and attorneys and the entire system have seen in terms of discovery,” said IAALS Rule One Initiative director Brittany Kauffman. “We really heard a call from those attorneys and judges we’ve worked with to also look at dispositive motions practice. They are feeling that it is equally contributing to the cost and delay in our system and that process can be more efficient as well.”

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