A Revised Process

Attorney-turned-startup owner seeks to disrupt process server industry

Eric Voogt has worked with process servers for all of his 20 years as an attorney. And his experience with the often-frustrating status quo was enough to push him to find a better way.

Voogt, a shareholder at Glade Voogt Lord Smith, is also the creator of Proof, an app that is intended to provide transparency, efficiency and proof in process serving. The young app is already active in Colorado and will soon be growing into other markets. And Voogt, who is both a corporate attorney and now a startup owner, is seeing his career shift from law to business.

The app is a little bit Uber and a little bit Dominos Pizza Tracker. Instead of showing the ETA for a ride pickup or giving updates on when a pizza is out of the oven, Proof provides constant updates, direct interaction and a GPS tracker to show the status of documents during the process of serving them.

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