Legal Lasso: Big Weekend for Candidates

by Tony Flesor



Multiple Angles to Cakeshop Case
We’re anxiously awaiting the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case; with many issues at play, there’s no clear ruling in the case.

Dems for AG Have Differing Opinions on Action Items
The two remaining Democratic attorney general candidates faced off in another debate over the weekend. The two agree on their positions on major issues but have different opinions about what to do about them.

Boulder DA Candidates Debate
Candidates for Boulder’s DA seat will face off on Wednesday to discuss issues related to the job. Appointed DA Michael Dougherty will debate his challenger, Rep. Mike Foote, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder.

Candidates Lining Up for Denver Mayor Seat
And the four candidates challenging Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for his job weighed in on their positions as well.

Boulder Mayoral Applicants
There are two applicants for Aurora’s next mayor: City Councilman Bob LeGare and Eric Mulder, who is currently running for Arapahoe County Sheriff.



SCOTUS Rules on Search Warrants
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that police may not search the area around a private home without a warrant, even when they think they have seen stolen property on the premises.

ABA Faces Another Law School Law Suit
One more law school — Arizona Summit — is suing the ABA over a decision to put the school’s accreditation on probation.

GDPR v. Blockchain
The EU’s new GDPR regulation is “fundamentally incompatible” with blockchain technology — here’s what that might mean for those using that tech.

Starbucks Off the Menu Today
You’re going to have to look elsewhere for your afternoon coffee break today. All Starbucks stores across the country will be closed for three hours today for bias training.

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