A Great Cultural Fit: Criminal Defense Firms Merge

Stimson Glover Stancil Leedy merges with Haddon Morgan and Foreman

Criminal defense firm Haddon Morgan and Foreman is about to get bigger this week. The firm is absorbing four trial attorneys from Stimson Glover Stancil Leedy — Kate Stimson, Tyrone Glover, Julia Stancil and Brian Leedy — who are joining Haddon Morgan and Foreman as partners. The merger is effective Tuesday.

Haddon Morgan and Foreman partner David Kaplan served as Colorado’s state public defender from 1999 until 2006 when he left to join Haddon Morgan and Foreman. As public defender, he hired Stimson, Stancil and Leedy as public defenders. Stimson said that’s what makes the merger such a great fit — all four, including Glover, previously served as public defenders.

“We all have similar backgrounds. We all have our roots in public defense and criminal defense. That’s why it’s a great cultural fit,” Stimson said. “We’ve all been friends over this whole time too. It’s not like four strangers coming in here — we work similarly, and we have a lot of fun together.”

Haddon Morgan and Foreman was founded by public defenders Hal Haddon and Bryan Morgan in 1976, a firm that Stimson describes as “an institution in the state of Colorado if not the Western U.S.” The firm focuses on litigation, including commercial, civil disputes and white-collar defense. It’s since grown to 17 attorneys including the merger with Stimson Glover Stancil Leedy.

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