Bill Allowing Cannabidiol Prescriptions on Governor’s Desk

With FDA approval around the corner, Colorado allows pharmacies to dispense CBD medicine

A bill passed unanimously by the Colorado State Senate near the end of the session has fine tuned regulations on medical marijuana products. The shift could be foreshadowing a change in federal policy.

Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, which, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency means it has no medicinal attributes. Recently, however, a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended the approval of a cannabidiol (CBD) medicine, contradicting the stance of the DEA. Epidiolex, the CBD-based medicine in question, is used to treat an illness that causes seizures in children. Should the product be approved, it will be the first approved medicine to contain any cannabis-derived chemicals. As such, it might be a signal that the federal government is getting closer to rescheduling marijuana.

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