Legal Lasso: Lawmakers Consider New Sexual Harassment Policy

by Tony Flesor



Sexual Harassment at the Capitol
As state lawmakers near the end of a session defined almost exclusively by sexual harassment scandals, they will receive a consultant’s recommendations for improving a Capitol harassment policy with hopes of adopting a policy before the session ends in May 9.

State Budget Gets Initial Senate Approval
The Colorado Senate gave preliminary approval to House Bill 1322, the Long Appropriations Bill, working through 118 amendments proposed to the $28.9 billion state budget into late Wednesday night.

Disappointment in City Council’s Sexual Harassment Inaction
A Denver police detective who accused Mayor Michael Hancock of sexual harassment said through her lawyer that she is “extremely disappointed” in the city council’s decision not to investigate the matter.

Juvenile Life Without Parole Law Challenged
A man sentenced to life without parole as a juvenile was hoping a state law would help him get released. A challenge to that law from prosecutors will keep him behind bars longer, though.

Public Defenders Discuss Mental Illness
Public defenders from across the country came to Denver for a conference focused on best practices for keeping people with mental health issues out of the criminal justice system.



DA Arrested for Protecting Drug Dealers
A long-time district attorney in Pennsylvania has been arrested on 31 charges that accuse him of thwarting drug investigations and trading favorable treatment for sex.

In Favor of Judicial Elections
While the ABA and Colorado’s own IAALS are strongly in favor of merit selection, some say judicial elections have their own merits, as well.

Dogs in the Courtroom
We’ve focused on the benefits of having support dogs in the courtroom before, but some judges and defense attorneys say they do more harm than good when it comes to jury bias.

Holland & Knight Malpractice Verdict Vacated
A California appeals court has thrown out a $34.5 million malpractice verdict against Holland & Knight, finding against investors who accused the firm of facilitating a Ponzi scheme by a real estate promoter.

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