Legal Lasso: Baumgardner Withstands Expulsion Vote

by Tony Flesor



Baumgardner Withstands Expulsion Attempt
Democrats were unable to oust Sen. Randy Baumgardner last night, despite Baumgardner facing three sexual harassment complaints and an independent investigation finding one of the allegations was “more likely than not” to have occurred.

Johns Hint at Presidential Campaign on Social Media
Govs. John Hickenlooper and John Kasich hinted at one another’s potential presidential bids in the most presidential way possible: on Twitter.

Why No Punishment for Michael Marshall Death?
A report already chastised the Denver Sheriff’s Department for forgoing discipline following the death of Michael Marshall, but the big question now is why.

Hancock Won’t Face Sexual Harassment Investigation
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock won’t face an investigation by the City Council over a former security detail officer’s sexual harassment claim. The council said its members find Hancock’s behavior unacceptable but they cannot grant the investigation request.

World Figures Visit Colorado Springs
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox and the Brexit architect Nigel Farage will debate the merits of globalism vs. nationalism today at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.



Law Firms Caught Up in Gun Debate
As guns grow as a hot-button issue, law firms are finding themselves more and more drawn into the gun control issue because of client relationships.

Massive Support for Ousted FBI Official 
A legal defense fund for fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has already gathered more than $500,000 in donations since last week.

The Impact of the Supreme Court FLSA Ruling
The U.S. Supreme Court’s FLSA ruling that auto service providers are overtime-exempt likely made it easier for other employers who claim exemptions to overcome legal challenges, attorneys say.

Lonely in the Law
The law might be the loneliest profession according to a poll used to study loneliness in the workplace. So add that to the other wellness issues facing lawyers today.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Police Involved in Shooting
The Supreme Court isn’t joining the furor over guns. The court ruled that an Arizona police officer is shielded from being sued for shooting a woman in her own front yard.

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