Top Litigators 2018: Arnulfo Hernández

by Kaley LaQuea

For Hernández & Associates managing partner Arnulfo Hernández, his path to criminal defense and immigration was born of a desire to give others a second chance.

“He strives for justice and fairness in the legal system for others,” Hernández & Associates shareholder Christine Hernández wrote to Law Week. “Through his trial practice, he champions causes that are foremost in our country and advocates for those who might not have a chance to succeed on their own.”

Hernández stresses that his success is not the result of his own individual effort. He credits the role of teamwork in many of his significant cases. One prominent case was that of Ms. Morones, who pled guilty to impersonation and was deported after living in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Hernández was successful in appealing her case to the Colorado Court of Appeals and was able to get her an evidentiary hearing for post-conviction relief.

“That is the importance of our law firm and why we handle both,” he said. “One misstep on the criminal side is going to have lifelong collateral consequences on the immigration side that unfortunately people don’t pick up on.”

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