General Assembly: Q & A

Colorado’s lawyer organizations preview the issues they will watch at the General Assembly this year — and how their members can get involved


Attorney Carrie Lynn Thompson
What are some specific bills the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar is (or will be) working on this session?

The main bills that the CCDB will be supporting and working on are the bills that came out of the Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System Interim Study Committee. The three significant bills include:
• Concerning granting judicial discretion to sentence a defendant to an indeterminate or determinate sentence for a sexual offense;
• Concerning clarification of sentences for habitual offenders; and
• Concerning lowering the period of mandatory parole from five years to three years for certain felony offenses

We also will be working on a bill to provide a “legislative fix” to SB16-181 [Concerning the sentencing of persons convicted of class 1 felonies committed while the persons were juveniles], which has been deemed unconstitutional by three judges in Arapahoe, Weld and El Paso Counties. We will also be supportive of bills concerning juvenile justice reforms.