A Cause Well Worth It

by Julia Cardi

Last year was an important one regarding lawyer well-being with Colorado’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, having launched a new self-assessment program for law firms and counsel Jim Coyle’s role in the development of a national report on wellness. And although lawyer well-being isn’t a new topic, it appears the law schools have taken the message to heart to carry the heightened focus on attorney wellness into 2018 with new programs and initiatives.

“It’s just knowing that you’re not the only one, because it all boils down to that competitiveness,” said Andrea Maciejewski, a second-year student at the University of Colorado Law School. She has helped take the lead on the school Student Bar Association’s Wellness Initiative and said she hopes the initiative helps to reduce the stigma associated with getting help in times of stress.

Maciejewski said she first started thinking about plans for the initiative at the end of her first year. She took an interest in attorney wellness after attending an unrelated lecture where a professor said looking at a firm’s programs for improvement can tell a lot about its ethics.

“I started thinking about that in conjunction with student wellness, because there are always rumblings among professors and the administration about [student health],” Maciejewski said. “But from what I could see at the time, there wasn’t anything obvious that was happening. So I figured it makes sense to start just really committing to it.” Maciejewski said a few other student leaders have taken the charge with her on the wellness initiative.

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