Judge Profile: Katherine Delgado

“When I see there are gaps in the system, I put together a group of people so we can work together and come up with solutions to better serve parties that come into the court.”

Judge Kathy Delgado’s experience on the bench, and expectations for lawyers appearing before her, come down to one thing: respect for the parties involved.

And when someone comes into her courtroom, she wants to see that same respect. That includes how they interact with victims and litigants as well as how punctual they are.

From working as a prosecutor in Boulder County to working on a docket ranging from domestic violence to criminal to civil cases, Delgado has seen a lot, and the 17th District judge clearly demonstrates compassion for the voiceless parties who enter the judicial system — be they children, victims of domestic abuse, recovering drug users or otherwise. She has worked with some of the most vulnerable parties and said she’s seen where the gap in services in the court system comes in. And in her time on the bench, she has worked to close those gaps.


Delgado is a Colorado native. She grew up in Colorado Springs and earned a bachelor’s degree from Colo-rado College and a law degree from the University of Denver. Through much of her early schooling, she focused on getting straight As and had the goal of becoming a teacher — until she got a taste of teaching in her senior year of high school.

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