Legal Lasso: DOJ Considering Hillary Investigation

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Kaepernick’s Lawyer Ropes in Broncos in Legal Fight
You know the Broncos are bad when Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer is calling them out as a team in need of a quarterback. Really, though, maybe it’s time to start looking again?

Access to Justice
An October access to justice technology event in Denver focused on how technology can help lawyers bridge the gap and how to identify a client’s needs for legal services.

Denver’s Immigrant Legal Defense Fund
Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez said Denver needs its immigrant legal defense fund to keep families together. But details on how it works exactly will need to wait until December.

Cory Gardner Stands Against Moore
Cory Gardner is among the most outspoken Republican senators against Roy Moore — he said yesterday that Moore should drop out of the Senate race and that the legislative body should expel him if he’s elected.

CU’s Top Paid Public Employees
Curious where the law school dean and administrators fall among the CU system’s highest paid staff members?


Hillary Under the Microscope
The Justice Department is weighing whether to appoint a special counsel to investigate political rivals of President Trump (i.e. Hillary Clinton). The department said prosecutors would look into claims that donations to the Clinton Foundation were related to Obama administration deals involving Russia.

All For One
Equifax is faced with a rare 50-state complaint that seeks to combine all of the individual lawsuits filed over the summer data breach. (Law 360 subscription required)

Cakeshop Arguments Focus on Kennedy
With the Masterpiece Cakeshop case arguments approaching, amicus briefs have poured in, and to nobody’s surprise, the focus is on swinging Justice Kennedy’s vote in particular.

Third Travel Ban Goes Into Effect
The 9th Circuit granted a government request to stay a Hawaii judge’s injunction, allowing the third travel ban to partially go into effect. The travel ban blocks travelers from the U.S. who do not have ties to the U.S.

The Animal Law Craze
Animal law clinics are the new “it” thing at law schools
around the country as a way to give students experience in the field. The clinics’ creation have so far been driven by student interest. ( subscription required)

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