Outside the Law: Reid Neureiter

by Julia Cardi


Outside the Law: Reid Neureiter from Circuit Media on Vimeo.

If you drive east of Denver on 56th Avenue, you’ll find two miles of sunflower fields between Monaghan and Hudson Roads. Lit up by sunlight, they’re a burst of late-summer brilliance.

The fields bloom late in August. Before 8 o’clock one Saturday morning, Reid Neureiter parked his motorcycle on a dirt road. He staked out with a camera among sunflower stalks the height of a small person. He was preparing for 15 crucial seconds.

This 40-mile bike ride south of the airport happens every Saturday. And when the sunflowers are blooming, Reid follows on his motorcycle with camera gear. For work, he’s a general litigator and trial attorney for Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell. But he’s also made a name for himself by combining his passions for cycling and sports photography.

This week we follow up on “The Whole Picture” from last Monday’s issue. To read the story featured in the October 9, 2017 print edition of Law Week Colorado, copies are available for purchase online.