Legal Lasso: The Law When it Comes to Haunted Houses

by Tony Flesor

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Some Prisoners Cut Short on Time
Denver DA Beth McCann offered to get a reduced sentence of one offender who was likely to die in prison. The move was part of an effort to reduce sentences for habitual offenders serving time for nonviolent crimes, part of a plan to solve the mass incarceration problem.

Another Gubernatorial Candidate
Former congressman Tom Tancredo joined the crowded pool of Republican gubernatorial candidates after a poll suggested he’d do well in the race. He will hold campaign kick-off events tomorrow.

District Court Too Hasty in Trade Secrets Issue
The 10th Circuit said the lower federal court in Denver should have required a defendant company show that it would be harmed without a preliminary injunction before issuing that injunction in a trade secrets case.

No Smoking
Denver’s City Council last night approved a proposal to ban smoking on the 16th Street Mall. Council President Albus Brooks, who introduced the proposal, allayed fears that the new ordinance would target homeless people.

Appeal in Lima-Marin Case
The U.S. is appealing a judge’s ruling to end immigration proceedings for, and release, immigrant Rene Lima-Marin.


Can You Sue for Haunted House Boo Boos?
Happy Halloween — hopefully, it’s not scary enough to sue someone over because when it comes to frightening attractions, the legal system is facing a sticky situation.

Transgender Ban Blocked
A federal judge blocked President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military. The judge said the president’s ban likely violated the due process rights of the individuals.

Stuffing the Courts
President Trump is seeing a lot of success in placing judges on federal courts; so far, he’s outpacing former President Barack Obama in moving is nominees through the confirmation process.

Now What?
Wondering what comes next for the Mueller investigation now that the first charges have been filed? Aren’t we all.

Preparing for Pay Disclosure
Dodd Frank’s CEO pay disclosure rules are set to go into effect in a few short months. Here’s your primer.

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