Colorado Homes Among Those With Formaldehyde Construction Defect

by Tony Flesor

Many new homeowners in the Colorado Front Range were left without a roof over their heads after discovering a problem in their floors.

Homes built in the last year by the company Weyerhauser were found to have a construction defect that left those working on the houses as well as the new home owners exposed to formaldehyde gasses. More than 2,200 houses in six states, including Colorado, were found to have the defect, and although the problem was caught quickly, some Colorado litigation law firms are preparing or already pursuing lawsuits against the company.

Weyerhauser began producing its Flak Jacket floor joists with a new formaldehyde resin in Dec. 1. The formaldehyde was used as a form of fire resistance, since many other processes can be corrosive to the joists.

The formaldehyde treatment was used as an alternative to other fire-proofing methods, such as placing layers of drywall below the joists to provide a layer of protection below the livable areas of a house.

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