Legal Lasso: Judge Seats Filling Up

by Tony Flesor



New Federal Judges Incoming
President Trump nominated former state solicitor general Dan Domenico to sit on the federal district court for Colorado; if confirmed for his first judge job, he’ll have a busy docket. Meanwhile, Colorado’s 10th Circuit is about to fill its vacant seat, pending Justice Allison Eid’s confirmation.

Investigation for Marvin Booker’s Death
The Denver DA is calling for a grand jury to investigate the death of Marvin Booker, who died at the hands of jail deputies in a Denver jail cell.

Phil on your Phone
Attorney General candidate Phil Weiser joined the podcast “Pod Save the People” to discuss issues in the AG race and what issues he sees as most pressing for the people of Colorado.

So Denver is a Sanctuary City
Denver was targeted in a nationwide ICE operation that focused on sanctuary cities, signaling that at least the federal government considers Denver a sanctuary city, even if the local government does not.

Lawmakers Back to Work
State legislators will return to the capitol for a special session starting Monday to fix an error in a marijuana tax law.


Civility in Politics
Justice Neil Gorsuch is continuing to cause a stir, drawing protests to a Trump hotel where he delivered a speech on civility in politics. Protests are calling on Gorsuch to recuse himself if the court were to rule on a case involving Trump’s emoluments.

Law Firm Advertising Suit
A Philadelphia law firm is suing Morgan & Morgan over what it says is misleading advertising. The complaint says Morgan & Morgan claims to actively litigate cases in Pennsylvania, despite having one lawyer there with little relevant experience.

Case Continues Over Bad Publicity
A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit to continue against The website is accused of intentionally keeping mug shots online in order to incentivize their subjects to pay for their removal.

Sanity on Trial
Challenging a defendant’s mental health is often seen as a way to lessen the severity of a sentence, but this podcast discusses how sane defendants might get 25 years in prison while insane defendants get a life sentence, and then some, in an institution.

Tallying Talcum Cases
Johnson & Johnson is counting up its lawsuits from women claiming its baby powder caused ovarian cancer. To date, 4,800 women have filed individual lawsuits against the company.

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