Legal Lasso: Holmes Moved to Federal System

by Tony Flesor



Competition in the Movie Biz
The Denver Film Society is suing Landmark Theatres
with a complaint that the film chain is competing unfairly when it comes to the eyeballs for indie films.

Holmes Moved to Federal Prison
Aurora theater shooter James Holmes was moved to a high-security federal prison in Pennsylvania. His placement in the federal system was delayed until the Colorado Department of Corrections could find a site with adequate security.

On Trial for a Murder That Wasn’t
An Indiana man had a harrowing trip through the Colorado legal system as he went to trial for his wife’s murder — despite the fact that she had committed suicide.

Restricting Gummies
A Colorado law limiting the acceptable shape of edible marijuana is going into effect this weekend.

An Unlikely Debate Topic
Two gubernatorial candidates faced off in Aspen for the race’s first debate. Surprisingly, the subject was cryptocurrency.



No More Gas-Powered Cars?
What would happen if California banned non-electric cars? Gov. Jerry Brown is interested in finding out.

Another Facet of Obergefell
The Arizona Supreme Court weighed in on a new case that considers yet another angle of the Obergefell ruling. This time, the state high court said a same-sex ex-partner could seek parental rights of a child born during the marriage.

An Attorney’s Accidental News Tip
A WilmerHale attorney accidentally slipped confidential information about an SEC investigation to the Wall Street Journal; unfortunately, they weren’t able to convince the Wall Street Journal not to publish that information.

The Littlest Amicus
In a letter to a bankruptcy judge, a child said closing Toys ‘R’ Us would be bad for kids. His letter was added to the docket like any other document.

Houston Sued for Sexual Assault
Houston is being sued by a sexual assault victim for its backlog of rape test kits that allow suspects to continue committing crimes while the test kits are waiting to be processed.

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