Major CLE Requirement Update in the Works

by Law Week

Colorado is in the midst of revamping its requirements for continuing legal education, and the state legal community at large now has a chance to weigh in.

The Colorado Supreme Court is requesting comment on proposed Rule 250, which would eventually replace the existing regulations that govern mandatory continuing legal education and judicial education under Rule 260. The proposed changes would flesh out accreditation requirements for CLE programming and remove the over-65 exemption for continuing education among other significant updates.

If approved, the new regulations would be effective beginning January 2019. The proposal doesn’t entirely repeal Rule 260, however; many Colorado lawyers and judges are still in the midst of a compliance period that would be subject to the current rule, so Rule 260 would be left on the books while that group transitions to the new rule.

The new regs “have been a long time in the works,” said Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Counsel Jim Coyle. In December 2011, his office inherited judicial and legal education functions and in the meantime has been looking at the CLE rules, which haven’t been significantly updated since the late ’70s.

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