Legal Lasso: Health Care Plan Due Today

by Tony Flesor

Who do you think are the state’s top attorneys? Do you have a favorite judge? A favorite place for a client lunch? Our Barrister’s Best survey closes soon, so weigh in now!



Bipartisan Health Plan
John Hickenlooper is expected to reveal his health care plan with Ohio Gov. John Kasich today in a hope to unite both Democrats and Republicans.

Erie Ordinance Smells Fishy
Erie’s new odor ordinance might be illegal
, according to an oil and gas company. The ordinance is too vague and subjective, and it is likely too hard to link smells and sources.

Immigration Ordinance Signed Today
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock today will sign into law the city’s new ordinance setting limits on cooperation with immigration officials.

Denver Joining Federal Lawsuit
Hancock is also signing on to a lawsuit with other cities against the federal government over threats to withhold federal grants from cities.

Defending DACA
And more on immigration, Colorado leaders are preparing for a possible rollback of DACA.


Defining “Natural”
With the FDA exploring the meaning of “natural” on food labels, consumers are increasingly going after food producers and grocers for deceptively using the word.

Federal Judge Protects Sanctuary Cities
A federal judge in San Antonio blocked Texas from enacting a new law enforcing the government’s sanctuary city ban. Texas’ law in question would make it illegal for cities to pass laws that limit immigration enforcement.

Are Equity Partners Employees?
Two lawsuits over law firms alleged gender discrimination are raising questions of whether equity partners are employees. For the women bringing the suits, their cases might hinge on an answer in the affirmative.

Mueller Teams With NY AG
Special Counsel Robert Mueller is teaming up with the New York Attorney General in the investigation of Paul Manafort. The partnership could get cooperation from Manafort since the president doesn’t have the ability to pardon state charges.

Solicitor General Pulls From BigLaw
The Solicitor General’s Office has brought three more BigLaw attorneys into the fold.

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