Legal Lasso: The Opinion of the Court

by Tony Flesor

This week is Law Week’s appellate review issue, but we might have moved too soon on that. The court issued opinions this week in several big cases that we’ve been waiting on for opinions.

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Controversial opinions
With the Supreme Court’s term coming to a close this week, the court has a big batch of court opinions coming out today, including the construction defects case Vallagio v. Metropolitan Homes, Inc.

Fighting for legal aid
A group of 32 state attorneys general, including Colorado’s Cynthia Coffman, are joining together to oppose financial cuts to the Legal Services Corporation. BigLaw managing partners and corporate GCs have already made their positions known.

Oil and gas appeal
State Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is appealing a ruling that requires the environment to take priority in oil and gas extraction regulations.

Civil forfeitures still awaiting signature
Gov. John Hickenlooper hasn’t yet moved on the civil forfeiture bill on his desk. Law enforcement officials say the bill would hurt crime fighting efforts if he doesn’t veto it.

Bankruptcy for engineering firm
A Centennial civil engineering firm is filing for bankruptcy, hoping to stall a lawsuit from a former landlord.


Justice Gorsuch’s first public appearance
Justice Neil Gorsuch made his first public appearance off the bench since becoming joining the U.S. Supreme Court. Gorsuch talked about the rule of law and the virtues of a system where a government can lose in its own courts.

Monday morning quarterbacking
In a series of tweets, President Trump said the DOJ should have stayed with the original travel ban and not the “politically correct” one submitted to the Supreme Court.

A few options available
And the court has a few options in front of it in considering how to act on the travel ban. If it’s not moot by the time it hears it.

BigLaw taking on mental health
A group of BigLaw firms are tackling mental health issues by offering onsite programs aimed at curbing health problems. At least one critical editorial article says the problem lies with the business model itself.

Harvard has a new dean
Former deputy law school dean John Manning is stepping up into the role of dean after being a finalist for the position years ago.

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