Body Camera Case Highlights Heightened Ethical Standards

by Hannah Garcia
An officer’s re-creation of a search on a body-worn camera in Pueblo caused a prosecutor to drop a criminal case earlier this year, and the resulting internal investigation might impact other cases in the county.
The 10th Judicial District Attorney’s Office on May 18 sent a letter to an undisclosed number of criminal defense attorneys about its awareness of an ongoing investigation into
Pueblo police officer Seth Jensen’s re-creation of a vehicle search in a drug case using his body-worn camera in a drug proceeding against Joseph Cajar.
“In compliance with those obligations, the People provide notice regarding Officer Seth Jensen,” District Attorney Jeff Chostner wrote in the letter, noting an ongoing internal affairs investigation and an offer to provide discovery in the case when requested to defense counsel who might have cases involving Jensen.
The district attorney also acknowledged that there might be employment-related records that are relevant to Jensen’s case but noted those kinds of records are generally protected by law and may require judicial approval.