Law Firms ‘Soft Targets’ for Hacking

by Tony Flesor
When it comes to cybersecurity, nobody is bullet proof, including law firms.
Security breaches have become a common occurrence for all businesses, and law firms are no different. Although law firms don’t often protect highly sensitive information like credit card information or health records, they do hold essential information on their clients. That coupled with the fact that law firms are rarely using top-of-the-line technology makes them increasingly attractive targets for hackers. But by practicing good “hygiene,” training employees to be smart about their online activities and being proactive with clients, many cybersecurity problems can be mitigated.
Several years ago, hacking was a relatively rare occurrence that only seemed to become became a major issue when large corporations lost customer credit card information.
But in 2017, security breaches are startlingly common occurrences.
An ABA technology survey found that 25 percent of law firms with more than 500 attorneys as well as those with between 10 to 50 attorneys have been breached at some point.