‘I’m Broken Too’

by Hannah Garcia

Bryan Stevenson believes we are all broken beyond perfect repair, living in a broken world and inventing broken systems. But that notion does not come from a place of futility.

“You don’t have to be whole and perfect, you don’t have to have all knowledge, you don’t even have to have a law degree to do the things that will change the world,” Stevenson said.

“Sometimes all you need is a broken heart and a willing spirit to get proximate, change narratives, save hope and do uncomfortable things — and because of that, we can all create a different place.” Stevenson, a Harvard-trained criminal attorney and founder of the Equal
Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, came to Denver for a night to
talk about the work that has made him famous in attorney circles and beyond: efforts to end the death penalty, eradicate death-in-prison sentences for juveniles and confront systemic abuse of the most vulnerable members of the population.

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