Criminal History

Home to some of the nation’s most notorious offenders, a big piece of Fremont County’s culture and economy centers on the facilities that house them.

The most famous inhabitants of Fremont County are some of the most notorious individuals in recent history: The Unabomber, the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber and the Boston Marathon bomber are all housed in the Florence supermax federal prison.

And the Southern Colorado county has 12 more state and federal complexes. With such a sizeable population behind bars, the prison system is a root to the community, much in the same way many Colorado mountain towns are built around a mine or mill.

Cañon City, population 16,318, is situated between the prisons. It has always been a prison town, dating back before Colorado was a state.

As the prisons continued to spring up around the county — like attracting like — so did other opportunities that rely on the correctional facilities.

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