Book Highlights Supply Chain Issues in Human Trafficking

by Sarah Green

Six years after the release of the critically acclaimed book “Child Exploitation and Trafficking: Examining Global Enforcement and Supply Chain Challenges and U.S. Responses,” a second edition has been released and renamed. The book was launched Jan. 24 at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in Chicago. Co-author T. Markus Funk, a partner and founding co-chair of the supply chain compliance and corporate social responsibility practice at Perkins Coie’s Denver office teamed up with U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall to co-author the book and expand the second edition, which highlights the rules, laws and perspectives of human trafficking.

The second edition is unique in that it focuses on supply chain rules and regulations, which is a major issue when it comes to human trafficking for labor, he said. The text serves as a resource for companies, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, policy makers and anyone who is interested in the issue.

“When we wrote the book, one of our primary objectives was to comprehensively survey the different U.S. and foreign laws, regulation, and international treaties relating to trafficking and child exploitation, and to then discuss both how they work in practice and how they’re enforced,” he said.

Funk became interested in writing a “go-to book about human trafficking issues” while prosecuting cases as an assistant U.S. attorney and as a federal prosecutor in Chicago. He said there is “a lack of understanding on the issues.” He also spent two years in Kosovo as the section chief with the Department of Justice, which also fueled his interest in writing the book.

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