Few Requests for Judiciary

by Tony Flesor


If there’s one takeaway from the recent State of the Judiciary report, it’s that Colorado’s courthouse bat problem is under control.

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice on Jan. 13 delivered the biannual State of the Judiciary address to the state legislature with her fellow Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges in attendance. The speech outlined the many tasks of herself and her peers in administrating the judicial departments’ projects and also reported that although she is asking for more money for state court interpreters, she is satisfied with the progress in maintaining the state’s courthouses since her last speech.

“Most of you came here because you just wanted me to talk about the bats,” Rice said, referring to her 2015 speech in which she referenced bat droppings in courthouses as evidence of the need for repairs in some of Colorado’s outlying districts. “Yes, we have gotten rid of the bats in Walsenberg and various byproducts. We were able to do that because you helped so much with underfunded facilities. Rural courthouses are doing much better. Frankly we don’t need any more money, so we’re just not asking for it.”

Where the judicial department is asking for financial support, though, is in getting more funding from the budget to provide better pay for the state’s court interpreters.

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