Outside the Law: On the Records

Geoff Anderson on jazz, vinyl and the ‘hipster problem’

By Hannah Garcia


In a room lined with CDs — two walls stacked floor to ceiling with titles from artists spanning decades in colors ranging the spectrum — Geoff Anderson is looking for something to play.

Although he has a precious piece of vinyl plucked from his personal collection waiting for the turntable — a Scott Cossu record entitled “Islands” released in 1984 — he starts off his radio show April 5 with KUVO’s in-house selection. And it is an extensive one.

“I’m just going to pull something down, see what sounds good,” he says after giving an impromptu lesson on radio sound equipment. The bright monitors and clean chrome of the digital equipment surrounding him are decades more advanced than the radio technology on which he cut his teeth in the 1970s.

He ends up with Roy Hargrove’s “The Vibe” in hand, a green spine among the sticks of color announcing themselves on the brimming shelves.

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