Managing Partner Roundtable: Strength in Small Numbers

by Ali Manor

Small firms seeing success post-recession

Law Week gathered Aaron Evans of Evans Case, Linda Chalat of Chalat Law, Jay Kamlet of Kamlet LLP and Margot Alicks of Broxterman Alicks McFarland at Colliers International for a discussion on innovation, marketing and culture in a small firm environment. Law Week editor Tony Flesor moderated the discussion and Hunter + Geist reported it.

LAW WEEK: Thank you, everyone, for coming to join us. I think the last time we did this discussion, specifically in the focus of small-firm issues, a lot of the focus was on the economic recession. And now we’ve come out of that.

As a starting point, would you mind sharing your take on where things are now; if you think they tend to be more friendly to firms of your size or what your perception is for the local market. So would anyone like to start us off on that?

JAY KAMLET: I think the small firms and independent practitioners benefited the most from the recession because a lot of companies started to look at their legal spend and started to reduce — look at small firms that they wouldn’t have looked at, or solo practitioners that they wouldn’t have looked at in the heyday. So because small firms and independents are so agile, they were able to capitalize on the search for value.

So then fast-forward to post-recession, things started blossoming. And those companies that may have gone back to the bigger companies stayed with their small firms and solos.

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