A General Contractor for Law

Life after the public sector comes with a novel business model for former solicitor general Dan Domenico

By Hannah Garcia


When he left his post as the state’s solicitor general, Dan Domenico had a decision to make about his future as a lawyer. Half a year later, he may be in the most successful stint of indecision in state history.

“By the time I left, I didn’t even know if I wanted to do a law firm or go in-house somewhere,” Domenico said, also referencing a desire to avoid ethical conflicts with seeking a job before leaving his public sector post. “I just wanted some time to think, and these paying clients who came along and made it very easy to extend that.”

When he handed the reins over to successor Fred Yarger in May, Domenico had put in nine years as one of the state’s top legal officers.

With a smooth transition and spades of faith in Yarger’s ability, Domenico said he filed for a limited liability company for his firm — named Kittredge LLC — to handle contract work coming his way while he considered his options for his post-public career.

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