CU-Boulder Names New Associate University Counsel

by Hannah Garcia


Elvira Strehle-Henson is the newest cabinet appointment at the University of Colorado Boulder, selected to serve as managing associate university counsel, chancellor Philip P. DiStefano announced Sept. 7.

She has served in the role on an interim basis since March.

“I am honored to serve as managing associate university counsel at CU-Boulder and to work with our faculty, staff, students and administrators to represent the university’s legal interests,” Strehle-Henson said. “It is an incredible opportunity.”

Strehle-Henson has worked with the University of Colorado since 1989, first for the Office of University Counsel as a law clerk in the litigation office in Denver. In 1991, she was promoted to assistant university counsel on the Boulder campus and also worked as senior assistant university counsel, associate university counsel and senior associate university counsel.

“Elvie Henson has been a wise counselor and conscientious legal professional in our campus community for more than two decades, and I am looking forward to having her serve as our managing associate university counsel,” DiStefano said, referencing a “strong record” as a university attorney and her history as an undergraduate and law student at CU.

In her new role, Strehle-Henson serves as the lead attorney for the Boulder campus, managing all its legal affairs. She is a member of the chancellor’s cabinet, oversees a legal staff of six and reports to vice president and university counsel and secretary to the board of regents Patrick O’Rourke. Strehle-Henson also functions as a special assistant attorney general for the State of Colorado.

“The Office of University Counsel is very fortunate to have an attorney with Elvie’s legal experience, history with the campus and good judgment leading the Boulder’s campus legal team,” said O’Rourke said. “Elvie is a terrific lawyer and I’m confident that she and her team will help the campus successfully navigate a changing and challenging legal environment.”

Strehle-Henson served as interim managing senior associate university counsel for the Boulder campus for several months in 2008-09 and again in the summer of 2014. Before practicing law, Strehle-Henson worked for Storage Technology Corporation in Broomfield and Louisville. She attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and has a bachelor’s degree with a double major in history and English and a law degree, both from CU-Boulder.