The Art of the CLE

By Doug Chartier


Adrian Romero has seen somewhere around 6,500 legal presentations in his five years with the Colorado Bar Association CLE. He’s never received credit for them, but he has garnered plenty of ideas on what makes a great CLE.

As the CBA-CLE’s technical producer, Romero’s role has expanded from recording and broadcasting CLEs to providing presenter support, which includes coaching faculty on their presentation skills and materials. Romero used to offer suggestions to presenters in the course of providing his technical support, and now lawyers reach out to him a week or more in advance for advice on organizing their PowerPoint presentation, among other tips. He’s advised presenters on how to stand in front of an audience, use their hands, even what clothes to wear for the seminar.

Romero stepped out from behind the scenes to give his own seminar, “Let’s Talk About Technology” in the CBA-CLE classroom this February. In the presentation, he discussed how to bolster a presentation with technological tools and increase confidence when speaking in front of an audience.

A former news director for McGraw-Hill, Romero had no legal knowledge prior to his position, but he knows a presenter is effective when the CLE has even him eagerly listening to the minutiae of fracking regulations or water law, he said.

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