Burg Simpson Awards 10 College Scholarships

by Tony Flesor

Burg Simpsonannounced today that the firm has selected 10 Colorado high school seniors as scholarship recipients in their 3rd Annual Scholarship Contest.

Burg Simpson awarded nine $1,000 scholarships and one grand prize of $2,500 at a special reception held on April 30. The scholarship recipients were also recognized on center court during half time of the Colorado State Boys Basketball Championship on March 14, 2015.

“I’m thrilled that we have been able to award $33,000 in college scholarships to college-bound students since launching the Burg Simpson Scholarship Competition in 2012. Remarkably, most of the students who won the competition knew nothing of the civil jury system before writing their essays, but it was clear that they were able to realize the great importance of protecting it,” Burg Simpson shareholder Steven Greenlee said in a press release.

In order to be considered for the competition, high school seniors from across Colorado submitted essays about the importance of the civil jury system as the guardian of American rights and liberties. The winners of this year’s Scholarship Competition include:

  • Jack Hefner (Valor Christian High School) – Grand Prize Winner
  • Alison Artzberger (Thompson Valley High School)
  • Emily Chambers (Valor Christian High School)
  • Teisha Coffield (Lone Star School)
  • Lucy Colson (Fruita Monument High School)
  • Matthew Crane (Pritchett High School)
  • Savannah Cressman (Valor Christian High School)
  • Marcco Higham (Rocky Mountain High School)
  • Christopher Matula (Valor Christian High School)
  • Jordan Scott (Grand Valley High School)

The Burg Simpson Scholarship Competition is made possible through the contributions of Burg Simpson and the generous support of community partners 850 KOA and the Colorado High School Activities Association.