Oil And Gas Task Force Reaches Questionable Compromise

by editor


After months of work, the Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force has submitted to state lawmakers recommendations for how to balance the interests of environmental groups and the oil and gas industry.

The task force had a difficult job from the outset: with members representing interests on both sides of the issue as well as third parties, the task force was created to defuse the situation before several ballot measures were put to voters last fall. On Feb. 24, the task force finalized nine recommendations that will likely lead to new regulations.

Gov. John Hickenlooper created the task force in September with an executive order calling for recommendations to the governor, legislature and Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to “harmonize” the state’s oil and gas regulations.

With a deadline of Feb. 27, the task force made those recommendations, but environmental groups and industry groups disagree on whether that harmony was achieved.

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