Cycling Experience Accelerates Legal Career


When Megan Hottman approaches litigation, she’s not only armed with the facts of the case but her own intimate knowledge of the subject matter.

Hottman practices cycling law. For her, the area developed as a personal interest alongside her legal career. Much of her work involves litigating traffic accident cases in much the same way a personal injury or DUI lawyer might, but for her, cycling law means working with her peers as clients and educating others in how to share the roads with them.

The practice area is growing around the country, she said, and it’s not an unusual one for someone who handles other cases involving traffic accidents. But her experience gives her a leg-up on other attorneys in the practice area.

“I believe you should have some experience as a cyclist to be in this area of law,” she said. “(Cycling law) piqued my interest primarily because I got to serve clients I really cared about. … I wanted to be passionate about the people I was representing.”

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