DGS Lands Aviation Deal

by editor


The phrase “I’m so happy, I could fly” may be a cliché, but it might also be a good way to describe how attorneys at Davis Graham & Stubbs felt after closing a major airline deal last year.

A group of the firm’s lawyers worked as lead counsel on a deal with a nine-country sprawl and an undisclosed sum during the disposition of the FARNAIR Group to the Dublin-based ASL Aviation Group Limited late last year.

The transaction involved parties from Austria, Bermuda, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Switzerland and Thailand with help from local counsel in each country.

“The rules in each of the countries would just numb your mind, there were so many,” partner Albert Givray said. He worked on the deal along with partners Zach Detra and Trent Martinet, of counsel Toni Turner Budd and associate Nina Ward. “The sheer logistics of sequencing things that had to happen, approval of third parties became very difficult, there were various consent levels — the transaction itself had all the complexities of a U.S.  divesture.”

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