People as Important as Technology in Protecting Firms From Cyber Risks

Even for the most cautious and secure of organizations, cyber threats still loom. For law firms, threats have added layers of complexity as clients and sensitive information vary.

Leveraging Tech From A Singular Vision

For Brett Godfrey, cutting-edge legal technology isn’t just a competitive advantage. It drives his firm's culture.

Judging the Law Firm ‘Beauty Contest’

In-house leaders give their do’s and don’ts for how law firms pitch them for business.

Symbiosis Through Secondment

What matters most to in-house counsel when law firms pitch for their business? It's not always what the firms think.

‘Dissecting the Law’

For some attorneys, having both a medical and a law degree is the most beneficial combination for success—for both the firm and their clients.

MedMal Reform Talk Reemerges Amid Attempts to Repeal ACA

Calls for federal tort reform have joined proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act, which has medical malpractice attorneys—and physicians—watching Capitol Hill.

Greater Legal Standard for Aid-in-Dying

Colorado's aid-in-dying ballot measure came with ethical challenges, but now hospitals, doctors and legal counsel are looking at the legal protections in offering the end-of-life option.

Energy Major Issue for State and Federal Governments

The state legislature is preparing for possible federal changes in energy and environmental policy with the addition of a committee that will focus solely on topics related to energy and the environment.

Escaping the Billable Hour

Despite the pressure to adopt more accommodating billing options, it seems although the billable hour is here to stay. However, some firms are advising other firms to evolve with their clients.

Managed Legal Services Gaining Traction

Managed legal service providers are a growing sector of “New Law.” We take a closer look at one local example that’s following a nationally successful model.