Marijuana Club Bill Amended, Standards Left to Municipalities

Colorado's "Pot Club Bill" faced some hurdles last week as legislators flinched fro possible federal government intervention.


Through ADR, many judges aren't done judging after they leave the bench.

Retroactivity Only the Beginning for Same-Sex Common Law Marriages

What happens when one partner in a same-sex couple seeks a divorce and the other claims they were never married?

Lawmakers Aim to Restrict Marijuana Home Grows

House Bill 1220, which would significantly reduce the number of medical marijuana plants Colorado residents are allowed to grow in their homes, passed a third reading in the Senate March 29.

Hope All but Lost for Construction Defects

Although some construction defects reform bills remain in the legislature, the hope for reform this year is all but lost.

City, Homeless Plaintiffs at Odds Over Deposing Mayor

In a legal battle, homeless plaintiffs say they want to speak directly to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock himself.

Appeals Court Puts Burden on Attorneys on Collectibility

According to a recent appellate decision, when a client sues a lawyer over failure in a lawsuit, the defendant attorney is the one who bears the burden of proving that a judgment was collectible or not.

Criminal History

The prison system in Fremont County is a root to the community, much in the same way many Colorado mountain towns are built around a mine or mill.

The Virtual Law Office

For some solo pratitioners, moving forward means leaving the traditional law office and embracing technology.

No Longer Merely Modest

‘Modern representation,’ which includes practices like unbundling and flat fees, isn't just helping solo and small-firm lawyers make themselves more affordable. It could make them more successful.