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Overtime Rule Dies in Federal Court

A rule that once presented a wage-and-hour compliance juggernaut for employers just suffered a blow that might sink it for good — at least...

Data Scraping, Now Common, Breeds Legal Questions

Data scraping is a growing practice that forms the backbone of some online businesses and is a competitive threat to others. But the legal...

Spokeo Plot Thickens With 9th Circuit Ruling on Remand

A federal appeals court has issued a new ruling following the U.S. Supreme Court’s remand of Spokeo v. Robins, but it still leaves the...

NLRA Lawsuit, Put Google Between ‘a Rock and a Hard Place’

As employers have seen in national news, terminating an employee for controversial views doesn’t end the controversy. Google finds itself in an unenviable legal position...

Tenth Circuit Sides with Staffing Agency in ADA Case

A staffing agency got a win at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals last month over a failure-to-accommodate claim. But the seemingly rare appellate...

Congress Takes Shot at Browning-Farris

Between the courts and Congress, the days of the National Labor Relations Board’s expanded joint employer standard might be numbered.

Consumer Watchdog Arbitration Rule Stirs Pot

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rolled out a new rule that bans companies from using arbitration clauses intended to prevent class action suits.

Supreme Court Has Eye on IPR

The nation’s highest court recently turned heads by agreeing to hear a case that could eliminate a popular yet controversial tool for patent litigants.

Business Looks to Supreme Court for ‘Whistleblower’ Definition

The U.S. Supreme Court said last week that it would take up a case questioning whether whistleblowers are protected under the Dodd-Frank Act, even...

Startup Pitfalls to Avoid

Colorado’s booming startup culture has kept corporate counsel busy, but several aspects can often be overlooked and create difficult problems for investors, founders and employees down the road.