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10th Circuit Affirms Rules for Receivership

The case affirmed a district court rule that said a court appointed receiver could represent a group of individuals victimized in fraud cases.

Damage Control for Employees’ Online Posts Can Prove Risky

An employee might not have been cautious when posting inflammatory comments online, but the employer should be when determining whether to terminate him or her for it.

Courts Reining in EEOC ‘Fishing Expeditions?’

Some employers are pushing back on what they say are overly broad subpoenas issued to them by the EEOC. They might be encouraged by a recent 10th Circuit decision, but what about the other appeals courts set to weigh in on the agency’s subpoena powers?

Avoiding Direct Negligence When ‘the Master Answers’

The Colorado Supreme Court issued an opinion Feb. 27 where it barred a direct negligence claim, highlighting differences between direct liability and vicarious liability.

Reform Bill Aims to Shake Up Class Actions

One of the latest pro-business bills introduced in Congress could load up defendants with new tools for squashing a class action claim in its early stages.

Bio-Rad GC Case Yields Serious Privilege Lessons

When an in-house attorney turns whistleblower, it can unleash a host of attorney-client privilege issues for courts to decide.

Dodd-Frank Rules Ripe for Rollback?

Encouraged by an executive order, GOP lawmakers are renewing their push to peel back financial and corporate governance regulations. But change, in whatever form it comes, will take time.

Trump Travel Ban Leaves Some Employers in Limbo

Employers and immigration experts await President Trump's next immigration-related E.O., which reportedly would place new restrictions on temporary worker visas.

EEOC Releases Enforcement Data Amid Leadership Shift

For employers, the EEOC’s new leadership could put an interesting twist on the agency’s enforcement priorities.

Ransomware Growing in Sophistication, Prevalence

Ransomware was a billion-dollar industry last year and is expected to grow even bigger in 2017. But legal departments can get ahead of the risk.