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Caseworker Liability Still Blurry Across State Lines

Once a foster child in one state’s custody is placed in another state, and the second state becomes responsible for investigating his or her...

Resolution Coming Soon in Homeless Class Action

With the case just one year old, the trial for a class-action lawsuit against the City and County of Denver could end before it...

Judge Profile: Philip McNulty

Chief Judge Philip McNulty of the 1st Judicial District received some of his most important advice early in his 21 years as a judge.

Equal Protection Appeal Turns to Challenges to Judiciary

A lawsuit that on face value deals with equal protection for public employees in workers’ compensation cases has grown into a challenge to the judiciary itself.

Judge Appointed to La Plata County Court

Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced Dondi Osborne’s appointment as a judge on the La Plata County Court in the 6th Judicial District. Osborne will...

Six Nominated for Denver County Judgeship

Mayor Michael Hancock received the following six nominees for a Denver County Court judgeship from the Denver County Court Judicial Nomination Commission: Arnie Beckman,...

10th Circuit Considers BLM Authority in Fracking Case

In late July, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in a case challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s authority to promulgate rules that would regulate hydraulic fracturing on federal and Indian lands.

Turf War

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless filed a lawsuit in federal district court late last month against the General Services Administration

Judge Vacancy in 2nd District

The 2nd Judicial District Nominating Commission will meet Oct. 16 at the Denver City and County Building to interview and select nominees for appointment by...

‘A Name to a Syndrome’

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, a heightened focus has been placed on those traveling and immigrating from Muslim-majority countries in recent months.