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Judge Profile: Norma Sierra

Though 20th Judicial District Court Judge Norma Sierra found herself in the job unexpectedly, she reveres the position.

Judge Appointed to Delta County Court

Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Jin Ho Pack as a judge on the Delta County Court in the 7th Judicial District. Pack is currently the county...

Sixth Judicial District Announces La Plata County Court Vacancy

The 6th Judicial District announced that the office of county judge for La Plata County will be vacant due to the retirement of Judge...

Supreme Court Ruling Renders Intent Irrelevant in Disparaging Trademarks

In the Supreme Court decision Monday on Matal v. Tam ruling that the government may not refuse to register trademarks deemed disparaging to others,...

Litigating Lifetimes

A handful of companion cases decided by the Colorado Supreme Court largely leave state sentencing policies in tact. But it adds to a growing body of disparate case law interpreting federal decisions on how the criminal justice systems treats juveniles charged in crimes as adults.

Supreme Court Reverses Ruling in UM/UIM Case

The Colorado Supreme Court handed down a win for insurance companies in a June 5 opinion that left intact their ability to deny uninsured and underinsured motorist protections in certain circumstances.

Gorsuch Delivers First Supreme Court Opinion

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch established his presence and eloquent writing style in his first opinion for the Supreme Court on Monday.

Supreme Court Weighs in on Construction Defects

The Colorado Supreme Court last week delivered an opinion that is likely to be the final move in construction defect reform.

Allison Eid Nominated for 10th Circuit Seat

According to reports from the Washington Times and the Denver Post, Eid is President Trump's pick to fill the seat vacated by now-Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Court Opinions for May 30, 2017

Editor’s note: Summaries are pulled from court opinions and edited for style, clarity and space. COLORADO SUPREME COURT OPINIONS FOR MAY 30 England v. Amerigas Propane Petitioner,...