Legal Lasso: Farewell Obama Edition

President Obama will deliver his farewell address tonight in Chicago. He said he will focus on his start as a community organizer with faith in America's ability to bring about change.

Legal Lasso: Twitter War Edition

Meryl Streep used her Golden Globe acceptance speech as a political platform to attack Donald Trump. Trump responded within hours.

Legal Lasso: Repeal and Replace Edition

A recent poll shows most Americans don't want to repeal Obamacare without a replacement.

Legal Lasso: Senate Attacking Hacking Edition

The Senate is meeting today to discuss cyberthreats to the U.S. — primarily those from Russa. Yesterday, Donald Trump said he sided with Julian Assange in concluding Russia was not behind the hack of the DNC.

Legal Lasso: Taking Sides Edition

Donald Trump sided with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over U.S. intelligence agencies in concluding that Russia wasn't behind the DNC hack.

Legal Lasso: Back in Session Edition

Congress is back in session, and the Republicans are in charge. Major issues to watch include health care, Democrats' response to a coming Supreme Court pick and the role of legislative leaders.

Legal Lasso: Russian Relations Edition

After President Barack Obama imposed sanctions and expelled several Russian spies from U.S. soil, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not respond in kind.

Legal Lasso: Peace in the Middle East Edition

John Kerry might have stoked the flames between Israel and Palestine by urging for a two-state peace solution in a speech at the State...

Legal Lasso: May the Force Be With You Edition

For decades, fans have followed Star Wars' Carrie Fisher onscreen and off; She died yesterday at 60. Editor's Note: Stay on top of this news...

Legal Lasso: Back to Work Edition

We're back from our holiday; some small changes to Legal Lasso's layout will be coming in the New Year. Also, our afternoon email will be...