WilmerHale Adds Associate

WilmerHale announced today that it has added Heidi Ruckriegle as an associate attorney in the...

Squire Patton Boggs Grows State Attorneys General Practice

Squire Patton Boggs announced the addition of David Blake, Chief Deputy Attorney General for the...

Legal Professionals: Sinead McGuire

Sinead McGuire is a marketing professional who’s not afraid to leave her office to get into the trenches.

Legal Professionals: Amber Wyatt

It’s not often that someone says they love any aspect of their divorce proceedings, but despite the stress and emotions involved with the subject matter, Amber Wyatt found an interest and passion for litigation, and a new career, while representing herself prose in family court.

Moye White Changes Gears in Practice Section Leadership

Moye White is welcoming change to its practice section leadership as it promotes three new people to lead roles in its business and trial sections.

Legal Professionals: Nate Becker

Nate Becker has a type-A personality and is intensely focused on details, so over the course of more than 10 years in the legal industry, the hardest lesson he’s learned is that he has to work within a system he can’t control and that is often unfair.

Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. Managing Partner Receives Award

Retired Judge William Meyer, managing partner of the Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc, was awarded the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Stanley Goldstein Hall...

Legal Professionals: Cheryl Matlosz

Ambitious and driven, Cheryl Matlosz, dove head first into the legal field with only a small amount of adminis-trative experience, her curiosity and high school diploma in hand.