Volunteering Without Fear

To encourage physicians and health care providers to volunteer in emergency circumstances, state and federal laws provide qualified immunity from liability.

Obama Picks up Pace on Commutations, but Pardon Changes Still in Limbo

Near the start of his second term, President Obama had granted clemency at a lower rate than any president in recent history. He had pardoned 39 people and denied 1,333 requests. He had used his power to commute a prisoner’s sentence just once.

Emerging Trends in Family Law

Colorado law related to families is constantly changing, both in the area of finances and in relation to the best interests of children. But recent decisions from the Colorado Court of Appeals related to financial and property matters are likely to have a substantial impact on the practice of family law going forward.

Big Ticket Sports Law Issues in 2017

The firm changes leadership during a time of transition.

State Appeals Court Rules on Exculpatory Agreements

In Stone v. Life Time Fitness, Inc., et al., the Colorado Court of Appeals issued a published opinion in which it declined to enforce “exculpatory clauses” contained in a “Member Usage Agreement.”

Defense Spending Likely to Rise

Following the November elections, pro-defense Congressional members expressed optimism that a Republican-controlled Congress and White House would effectuate defense spending increases.

When Health Care Providers are Impervious to Subpoenas

In United States ex rel. Touhy v. Ragen, the Supreme Court held that the head of a federal agency has the authority to forbid or permit an employee's testimony in response to a subpoena.

Hogan Lovells Hosts Diverse Practical Skills Program

Hogan Lovells founded the Practical Skills Program in 2007 to narrow the gap and level the playing field for young, inexperienced law students.