Legal Lasso: Nathan Coats to be New Chief



Nathan Coats Named Chief
Supreme Court Justice Nathan Coats will move to the center seat on the bench on June 30. Coats will take on the role left by Chief Justice Nancy Rice upon her retirement.

Colorado Considering ‘Red Flag Law’
Colorado’s governor and Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a state law that would allow judges to seize guns from people considered to be a threat.

Amendment 71 Temporarily Back in Effect
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals put a stay on an order to rescind parts of Amendment 71, the ballot measure passed last year that raises the hurdle new constitutional amendments must clear in order to pass.

Due Process for Elected Officials
Gov. John Hickenlooper said there needs to be a framework in place to handle sexual harassment allegations for city and state officials, but he stopped short of saying Denver Mayor Michael Hancock should face repercussions for his own accusations.

Two Democrats Chosen for Congressional Primary
Jason Crow and Levi Tillemann will face off in the June 26 primary to determine who will challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman for his congressional seat.



DOJ Can’t Require Local Assistance in Immigration
A federal judge in California made a nationwide ruling that the DOJ can’t require local police departments to assist in immigration-related actions in order to receive federal funding.

Zuckerberg’s Gauntlet
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg faced 10 hours of questioning and 600 questions — and an onslaught of social media heckling — earlier this week. Here are the highlights from his time at the Capitol.

California to Become Californias?
Voters will be asked whether California should be split into three states. A signature process is reported to have collected nearly twice as many as necessary in order to get the motion on the state’s ballot.

Talcum Powder Implicated in Jury Verdict
Jurors in New Jersey have awarded $117 million in a lawsuit that claimed Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products caused an investment banker’s mesothelioma.

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