Legal Lasso: Still Guessing About Cynthia Coffman

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Cynthia Coffman Still Not Running
There’s still no of life in Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s race for reelection — she has raised $10,000 in the most recent reporting period. Meanwhile, Phil Weiser leads the pack still with nearly $680,000 in cash on hand for his campaign.

Big Money in Governor’s Race
Meanwhile, the governor’s race is still shaping up to be hugely expensive, and the race is expected to be defined by Super PACS, which can collect unlimited contributions.

Legal Counsel Change at Dish
Dish Network’s chief legal counsel, Stanton Dodge, is leaving to join Boston-based Draft Kings. Dodge was replaced with Tim Messner, a vice president at Dish.

The Court’s Chilling Effect on Sex Offender Registries
Following a federal judge ruling that found sex offender registries to be cruel and unusual punishment, Montrose County pulled its own registry offline out of fear of lawsuits.

Cell Tower Construction on Hold For Now
Fort Collins postponed hearings for the construction of a new cell tower in order to give the city more time to research its legal authority over the tower under federal law. A lawyer working for Verizon sparked their fears by telling the city it has no choice under the Federal Telecommunication Act but to build the tower.


Travel Ban Blocked Again
President Trump’s third travel ban, set to go into effect today, was blocked by federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland. The judges said the ban violates the establishment clause as well as a nationality-based discrimination ban.

Injunctions a New Political Tool
Attorneys General around the country have made it routine practice to seek, and win, injunctions against the president, something that was considered rare just a couple years ago. Although they’re effective, it might be too much power since they have the ability to forum shop for sympathetic judges.

Interest Rate Increases Coming?
According to the head of the Fed, the U.S. economy is stronger than it looks, and it’s time to start raising interest rates again.

Federal Judge Blocked From Taking Cases
The federal court backlog is pretty long, but a federal judge in Mississippi is setting the bar. With three times as many cases pending for three years compared to his next-closest peer, he was blocked from taking on any new civil cases because his docket got so hefty.

Mergers Unlikely to Cool Off
The record-setting pace of mergers in the legal industry is unlikely to stop anytime soon. And as such, intelligence on mergers is seen as a hot commodity (American Lawyer subscription required).

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