Legal Lasso: Law Firms Moving Up in Changing Real Estate Market

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Denver Part of Real Estate Trend
Law firms are moving into high-profile office spaces, as evidenced by a couple new offices in Denver, and are capitalizing on changing real estate markets.

Attorney General Targeted in Defense of CollegeAmerica
The CollegeAmerica trial in underway now in a Denver courtroom and someone is unhappy with the Attorney General’s depiction of the school, evidenced by a letter published online.

Not in My Backyard
Residents of Fairplay are suing county commissioners for abusing their discretion in letting the Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush” tear up the land and create noise near the town.

Underwear Bomber Suing
The “underwear bomber,” who is serving a life sentence in Colorado’s Supermax prison, is suing the federal government for treatment at the prison, with claims that his First, Fifth and Eighth Amendment rights were violated.

Activist Queen Phoenix’s Disappearing Act
Denver activist Queen Phoenix didn’t show up to her jury trial for marijuana charges. The Denver DA’s office believes that she’s on the run.


One More BigLaw Move to Federal Government
Another BigLaw lawyer is expected to join the Trump administration. President Trump nominated Paul Weiss attorney Joseph Simons as chair of the FTC.

Posner Taking Pro Se Work
Retired Judge Richard Posner is taking a direct approach to his promise to help pro se litigants by representing a pro se petitioner in the 4th Circuit.

Google Cleared to Pay $10k a Day
Opting not to go with a harsher number, a judge approved sanctions against Google for $10,000 a day if the company doesn’t comply with a government search warrant.

Arpaio Pardoned but Not Free From Guilty Ruling
A federal judge said she will not void the guilty ruling on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, despite President Trump’s pardon of him. She said it might remove him from punishment but does not erase his conviction.

Removal Recommended for ‘Old School’ Judge
Maryland’s Commission on Judicial Disabilities recommended the removal of Baltimore Chief Judge Alfred Nance for “gratuitous” and “insensitive” comments and body language. The lawyer defending Nance described him as “old school” and said his removal would set a bad precedent.

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