Legal Lasso: Juvenile Lifer Law Found Unconstitutional

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Rolling Back Law on JLWOPs
An Arapahoe County Judge ruled that Colorado’s law passed last year regarding life without parole sentences for juvenile offenders is unconstitutional. The law gives preferential treatment to a small group of Colorado’s offenders, Judge Carlos Samour said.

Criticism for Denver’s Mediation Service
Some say Denver’s new mediation service, designed to find a middle ground between landlords and tenants facing eviction, is a premature step in the eviction problem and might make matters worse.

Wishing Things Were Different
Former Gov. Dick Lamm had some thoughts to share on Colorado’s economic growth as well as its actual growth in a recent interview with 9News.

Outside the Constitution
A Weld County commissioner is facing an ethics complaint, but her main argument against the claims is that the state constitution doesn’t apply to her or Weld County in this case.

No Eyes in the Sky
Need to brush up on drone rules? Colorado officials remind hunters that it’s illegal to use drones to scout out hunting areas or to find animals they’ll later shoot, according to federal rules on hunting from aircrafts.


DOJ Prosecuting Transgender Hate Crime
Attorney General Jeff Sessions personally initiated a DOJ prosecution of what it is calling a hate crime involving the murder of a transgender high school student in Iowa. The decision is seen as a new side to Sessions.

Challenging Safe harbor for Search Data
The Supreme Court will review a 2nd Circuit decision that said the federal government can’t use warrants to access user data stored overseas by online service providers.

Setting a Benchmark for Immigration Judges
A recent DOJ report suggests that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is setting a quota for immigration judges. The White House says the move is addressing a hefty backlog of cases while judges say it threatens their independence.

Legal Temps
Large companies looking to ease their legal demands might have a new solution. Pricewaterhouse Coopers is offering a temp lawyer service for in-house legal departments.

Blackballed by the NFL?
Still-unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick is suing the NFL for collusion under the league’s newest collective bargaining agreement.

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